Case stories


Agriculture is making us stronger and more self-sufficient


Natalia Andarusse is 37, married and a mother of 5 children, she has had displaced status since 2019, her area of origin is Quissanga district, an area affected by the terrorist attacks, she is currently staying with her family at the Ntocopa resettlement center in Metuge.


"When we were hosted at the resettlement center we depended on donations from the government and its partners but now we produce our own food. It all started when I became a member of the 7 de Abril producers club, where we received a kit composed of several seeds and tools (hoe, rake, watering can, machete, axe)", which was a lever to start with the production.

The incentives were not only limited to the kit but also to training and technical accompaniment and the availability of land for cultivation, which was the biggest challenge for most of the people living in the center. The technicians of the RCD project teach us new techniques in the demonstration field, which is being of great value in the individual fields, and for this reason my production has increased a lot”.

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We have agriculture as the main source of livelihood
Paicha Canicio, 31 years old, is a native and resident of the district of Metuge, Cabo Delgado  province, is part of the host communities for those displaced by the terrorist attacks, and is an active member of the Ophentana Farmers club.
When I had TB I was completely abandoned and discriminated by people close to me
Manuel Lundo, resident in Mafuiane, zone F, 70 years old, father of three children, was a TB patient "I stayed several years without knowing that I had TB until one day I had a relapse and I was helped by Suzana (OneImpact MLC project volunteer) because he was already passing information about TB in our community.
In the populous Malata neighborhood in the Angoche district of Nampula province, lives Suhura Constantino, a 47-year-old woman who had her life transformed after she started benefiting from the Transform Nutrition Project in April 2020.