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When I had TB I was completely abandoned and discriminated by people close to me

Manuel Lundo, resident in Mafuiane, zone F, 70 years old, father of three children, was a TB patient "I stayed several years without knowing that I had TB until one day I had a relapse and I was helped by Suzana (OneImpact MLC project volunteer) because he was already passing information about TB in our community.
At that difficult time for me, many people from the community and the service distanced themselves from me and even worse because the whole family was also affected.
Things started to change when the volunteer reported my case on the OneImpact platform and days later they came to my house and brought the whole community together in a talk about TB. A few days later the whole community began to be more enlightened about TB, so that the coexistence returned to normality.Because we followed the treatment and always reported our barriers on the OneImpact platform, which were being resolved, today we are all cured. Suzana has become a great friend of our family.

IMG Manuel Lundo OneImpact

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