Farmers' Clubs in Pemba and Metuge receive solar pumps


The project Supporting the Great Socio-Economic Development and Recovery in Cabo Delgado (RCD), implemented by ADPP in partnership with h2n Association and with funding from USAID, recently delivered 18 F2 model solar pumps and other components for the irrigation of agricultural fields to an equal number of Farmers' Clubs in Metuge


The delivery ceremony was led by the Metuge District Administrator, António Nandanga, who acknowledged the role of government partners in the recovery of Cabo Delgado with a greater emphasis on ensuring food and nutritional security of the displaced as well as of the host communities. "Through the delivery of the pumps, we want to encourage our producers to continue their production activities, especially of vegetables, in order to ensure food and nutritional security. We also want through these solar pumps, which are easy-to-handle and effective tools, to challenge our farmers to improve and raise their production capacity and productivity, especially in horticulture"- he said.


In order to promote the recovery of internally displaced people from conflict and natural disasters and part of the host community, with an emphasis on food security and enhancing the capacity of youth and women for income generation, the delivery of the solar pumps comes in addition to other initiatives that have been taking place since the beginning of the project, namely the distribution of agricultural inputs (watering cans, machetes, hoes, rakes) and vegetable seeds and training in good agricultural practices to 64 producer clubs.


The delivery of solar pumps will facilitate the irrigation of crops, especially vegetables, throughout the year in a sustainable way, without the use of fuel since it will be a renewable energy source (sun) and easy to access in the communities as a way to respond to the component of food security with a focus on preserving the environment.

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