Fundraising through the Sales of Second Hand Clothes

''Through the ADPP 2nd Hand value chain, tens of thousands of Self-employed jobs are created''

ADPP 2nd Hand offers a wide range of good quality and affordable clothing and footwear, which also creates business opportunities, jobs and income in communities.

ADPP 2nd Hand is a social enterprise that aims to generate surpluses to support the social development projects and programmes that ADPP implements across the country, particularly in the area of education.

It is estimated that about 2.5 to 3 million Mozambicans have the annual clothing and footwear needs for them and their families met through the bales provided by ADPP 2nd Hand.

For most people, buying second-hand clothing and footwear is the most affordable strategy.  ADPP’s sale of clothing and footwear is a well-structured business that creates 170 permanent jobs.


At its processing center located in Beira City, Sofala Province, imported clothing undergoes a process of categorization, classification, weighing and finally compression, binding and labeling so that the final product is 45kg.

The sale is made through the network of several Points of Sale in Central and Northern Mozambique.  Through the ADPP 2nd Hand value chain, tens of thousands of Self-employed jobs are created by the thousands of permanent and frequent customers who purchase their wholesale clothing at ADPP 2nd Hand for subsequent resale in local markets.

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