Supply of second hand clothes to satisfy the increasing market demand is very essential for millions of Mozambicans.  ADPP Second Hand continue to offer good quality and affordable second hand clothing and footwear to this market. Besides supplying millions of people in the country with affordable clothing, ADPP Second Hand also creates business opportunities, jobs and income in communities across Mozambique.

ADPP has over the last decade developed and remodeled “ADDP Second Hand into a social enterprise aiming to generate funds to support ADPPs development projects and programs, by running a well structured and cost effective business.

ADPP Second Hand has 162 employees, a big part of these work at the Sorting Centre in Beira, where the unsorted clothes from mainly Europe is received and then sorted and categorized into app 100 different categories. The  clothes is weighed and quality controlled before being pressed into 45 kg bales, wrapped, branded and finally being delivered to the 16 sales outlet in central and northern Mozambique, where it is sold.

2019, was not a normal year, because of the devastations caused by cyclones Idai and Kenneth. The Sorting Centre and the administrative head office for the project in Beira was directly hit by the cyclone. 

Despite the challenges which followed, ADPP Second Hand  sold 3.615 tons of clothes and footwear , corresponding to 75% of the original planned goal for the year, but did not earn any surplus.

On the positive side  ADPP Second Hand, got itself re-organised very fast post cyclone, thanks to effort of a dedicated workforce and with assistance from a taskforce sent by ADPP.  The cleaning up and rehabilitation works started, while the leadership of the project could concentrate on production, distribution and the sales in areas not affected by disasters.

ADPP will continue to offer a wide range of good quality and affordable clothes and footwear in the market, which not only create permanent jobs and additional economic activities, but also continue to contribute to the implementation of ADPP development projects and programmes in Mozambique.