Total Control of the Epidemic – TCE

Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) approach, based on the principle that individual action, bolstered by government and civil organisation efforts, are key to stopping an epidemic. TCE has been the slogan for ADPP’s HIV and AIDS programme since 2001 and at the forefront of systematically engaging people in the communities in the fight for gaining control of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  This holistic approach galvanizes each individual to take total control of their health status. Based on this basic principle TCE uses different approaches and methodologies based on target groups and project focus such as:

"Only the people can liberate themselves from the epidemic"

* Index case testing: a strategy focused on finding the people who are living with HIV but have not yet started treatment. The strategy traces all sexual contacts and children of a person who has already tested positive of HIV to locate those who do not yet know their HIV status. Once located, they are provided counselling and testing, in the community. All the newly diagnosed HIV cases are then referred to a health facility to immediately start on treatment and then supported with regular follow up visits and encouraged to form support groups for treatment adherence.

* Key population: ADPP uses the TCE approach to reach high-risk groups such as truck drivers, migrant workers, and female sex-workers. The interventions include peer-to-peer mobilization and education, counselling & testing, support groups with saving and loans activities, and improved access to health services which are patients friendly.

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