Members of mining communities screened for TB
TB cases were detected
Patients were given support to form a TRIO

Total Control of TB Active Case Findings and Contact Investigation

The Total Control of TB project implemented in 7 districts in Gaza province began in July 2019.  The aim of the project is to increase TB case detection and achieve the successful treatment of all TB cases in 7 districts in Gaza province. The approach includes contact investigation of all diagnosed TB cases; screening of all their contacts; active case findings in the community through door-to-door and collection of sputum samples; systematic follow up on all suspects tested negative for a period of 2 years, and provision of DOT for all patients on treatment and ensure children and pregnant women receive treatment.


Key Results 2019: In 2019, through 80 activists, the project screened 57,700 members of mining communities for TB.  1,300 TB cases were detected. 830 of the patients were given support to form a TRIO (where patients nominate 2 supporters from their family who will help them stay on treatment until the completion of course).

The TRIO support structure has been critical for treatment adherence and treatment success rates as it provided a safe and non-judgemental “space” for the one on treatment to receive moral and psycho-social support that encourages them to devotedly remember to take their medication.

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