Community Nutrition Project

The Zambézia Community Nutrition project was launched in April 2017 to April 2019 with the aim to address the unbalanced diet amongst fisherman communities in Zambézia. The project’s objective was to improve food diversity through improving knowledge and nutrition practices among fishing families.

The main activities included: formation of nutrition education groups; training of community leaders and organisations in nutrition; dissemination of monthly nutrition programmes on community radio stations; teaching of basic horticulture, healthy eating and home gardening; and adoption of good hygiene practices in food preparation.

The main beneficiaries in the selected communities were 3,100 women organized in 200 groups, 40 community leaders, 25 Fishermen Associations  and 10 community  councils of fishermen with approximately 1,000 members in total and 20 primary schools with the involvement of 56 teachers and nearly 1,500 girl students.


Key Results 2019: The final evaluation of the project showed that there was an improvement in diet diversity amongst the target groups. There was a 14% increase in food diversity among girls, 40% among women in reproductive age and 16% among children under 2. The final evaluation also noted an increase in women’s health seeking practices at the health facilities for themselves and their small children. The project was handed over to the community and the Provincial Fisheries Authority.

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