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ADPP believes that development is, above all, about people, and when they are respected, they increase their capabilities and become the force driving the changes they intend to make.

ADPP’s mission is to support all people to work together for a better future. This better future is one where everyone has the ability to pursue their choices and dreams and realize their full potential.
ADPP, Development Aid From People to People is a Mozambican Organisation working in the areas of quality education, health and wellbeing, and environment and sustainable agriculture.

During its 36-year existence, ADPP has remained true to its mission of promoting the social and economic development of the most vulnerable people in society giving special attention to children, orphans, women and girls.

During 2018 ADPP employed 2,900 people in 60 projects in all provinces of the country, with an emphasis on teacher training, food security and the prevention and care of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis patients. Each year the projects benefit more than 2.5 million Mozambicans. To achieve the goals reached in 2018, ADPP counted on the work of a team of volunteers composed of 17,800 men and women.

ADPP works in alignment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as adopted by the Government of Mozambique. We work to eradicate poverty in Mozambique (SDG1) by contributing to the achievement of universal primary education (SDG4) through the establishment of community schools and teacher training programmes; ending hunger (SDG2) by improving food security in rural areas through Farmers’ and Producers’ Clubs; and, improve health and wellbeing (SDG3) through our epidemic control programmes (tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS), as well as to combat Malaria and malnutrition in vulnerable groups, with special emphasis on girls and women in vulnerable situations (SDG5).

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