Cashew and Rural Development Centre, Itoculo

The Cashew and Rural Development Center of Itoculo, in Nampula Province, has the objective of promoting the production of cashew and the rural development of the province. The Centre has a plantation with 130 hectares with 11,500 cashew tress, units for processing cashew nuts and one Training Centre for local cashew producers.


To make the project more sustainable, the Cashew Training Centre trained 1,670 small cashew farmers in good practices and usage of adequate technology for the production of cashew nuts. Training is developed with the support of several partners and in cooperation with INCAJU so as to help producers to improve their production.


In 2018, 45 tons of cashew nuts were harvested, out of which 11 tons of raw cashews were sold and 26,5 tons processed. In the same year, the Centre processed 1,800 litters of cashew juice.



Tons of Cashew harvested


Tons of Cashew processed and sold


Additional small producers trained in Cashew management


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