Students have graduated from the different two or three year courses for boarding students
Young people graduated from a short course
Vocational Training centres in north, central and south of Mozambique

Vocational Schools

Despite the impressive progress since the independence, the level of academic and vocational training in Mozambique remains low. Nearly 80% of the labour force has not completed the first level of primary education. Improving the access to and raising the quality of public and private vocational training is therefore one of the key objectives of the Government. A qualified workforce is essential in stimulating the country’s development and economic growth

In response to these challenges ADPP continues to run 3 Vocational Training centres in north, central and south of Mozambique.

Each of the schools provide girls and boys, especially adolescent and youth with necessary technical  profession and practical skills to increase their opportunities to enter the local labour market as employees or through their own income generation activities.  The schools are offering professional and formal approved training programmes in the areas of agriculture and livestock, civil construction, business administration, hospitality and tourism and community development.

Each of the schools are also taking up the role as community centers for development of competences  for local neighbouring communities and in collaboration with local partners, offering short courses for vulnerable and out of school unemployed youths.

Since their establishment more than 7,200 students have graduated from the different two or three year courses for boarding students, while the same schools have over the last  decade also offered short courses for approximately 8,000 youths.


Key results 2019:

In total the 3 schools graduated a total of 180 students Machava Polytechnic College, Maputo province graduated 86 students in  agriculture, business administration, construction and community development.

Nhamatanda Polytechnic College, Sofala Province graduated 43 students in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Nacala Polytechnic Institute in Nacala, Nampula province graduated 51 students in  agriculture and animal  husbandry, civil construction  and hotel and tourism .

When ADPP school center in Nhamatanda was devastated by Cyclone Idai, all students and teachers were evacuated to ADPPs Vocational school center in Nacala, which made it possible for 43 last year students to complete their graduation in 2019 as planned.

During 2019 the schools are continually evolving and adapting to market needs and latest reform introduced by the Government of Mozambique. 

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