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ADPP Mozambique has trained primary school teachers since 1993. ADPP’s Teacher Training Colleges, also known as “Teachers of the Future” Schools, are found in all 11 provinces (except Maputo city) of Mozambique. The colleges were established as a contribution to the Mozambican Government’s effort to improve the quality of primary education in the country. In 2019 1,219 teachers graduated from ADPP’s 11 Teacher Training Colleges, increasing the total number of graduated teachers to 21,164. 

ADPP Teacher Training Colleges are unique because they respond to the realities of rural communities. The holistic programmes address the local economic, social and cultural factors, creating a bridge between schools and communities, teachers and students and students and schools management. This results in more trusting relationships built on common education goals.

Students participate in cultural, social and community activities, which are crucial to their grow of confidence, confront their stereotypes or prejudices and grow into dedicated and passionate primary school teachers, resourceful enough to adapt in any environment and make an impact in the lives of the children.

To ensure that the students excel, the colleges use inclusive, innovative and participatory methodologies. The teacher training course allows the students to be at the center stage of their education and training, as drivers of their own learning. They are tasked with both individual and collective responsibilities which build both academic and life skills, producing a different breed of teacher. Student teachers also receive immediate feedback from their teachers in practical settings, enabling them to improve their teaching methods in practice, ensuring they leave college ready to impact the lives of their pupils.


Graduated Teachers’ Network    

In 2019 each of ADPP’s 11 Teacher Training Colleges had a network of graduated teachers of 306 members of the network in 91 districts. The aim is to give continuous support and promote further professional development for each teacher after they graduate.  Through this initiative ADPP contributes to a higher quality primary education in Mozambique. 

The members of the network have established sub groups that are composed of 5 to 10 other primary school teachers. In 2019, the network reached out to more than 1,669 primary school teachers and influenced  nearly 125,000 pupils in the primary schools with child centered, gender sensitive quality education practices.

The network uses a variety of methods to share knowledge and skills. For example, members of the network have regular meetings to discuss the most effective teaching practices, sharing insights about how to put children at the centre of their teaching and how to encourage them to become active participants in their own education.

The network also promotes reading and writing clubs in the primary schools to develop a culture of reading, as well as to improve children’s reading and writing skills. Members of the network have also produced teaching aides together, constructed classrooms and started school’s vegetable gardens. At the community level, members held a campaign on preventing early marriages and lectures on planet protection.

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