“Mapunziro” Improving education quality and inclusion in primary schools

Mapunziro means education – wisdom in local Chichewa language.

This project aims to improve the quality of primary education in Zambézia, as well as students’ educational performance in 14 primary schools in the districts of Milange, Molumbo and Morrumbala. It is based on the ADPP Graduate Teachers Network. The project began in 2019 and has 4 central aims.

  • Improving school management practices in the target schools
  • Improving of teachers’ pedagogical performance and gender response in target schools
  • Training students in target schools in actively speaking for themselves
  • Increasing community commitment to the principle of universal education for all, with an emphasis on the participation of girls.


Key results 2019: The project trained 32 teachers in inclusive education, 168 school council representatives in school governance and established 14 sports and cultural clubs with the participation of 560 children. It also established 14 reading clubs to build 280 pupils’ competency in reading. Sports and cultural clubs held sporting competitions, which activated enjoyment in sports whilst also encouraging pupils to interact and build supportive networks

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