ISET - One World

ISET – One World was established to train teachers and in 2005 got recognized as an independent institution of higher education.

The institute offers degrees in Pedagogy and Social Science through face-to-face and distance learning.

The Pedagogy course given at the faculty of Science of Education course qualifies the graduates to teach at Teacher Training Colleges (inclusive ADPP’s) and other educational institutions. The degree in the Community Development  course “Fighting with the Poor”, provides the students with the necessary skills to work with a holistic outlook to development in the pursuit of eradicating poverty as a community development professional.

Distance courses with degree in Portuguese qualifies graduates to teach Portuguese in Teacher Training Colleges and secondary schools. Since March 2018 the institute has provided the possibility of a master’s degree in Pedagogy and Didactics.

The extraordinary life and learning at the institute in its rural setting in Changalane district, is established first by the organizational structure of the student’s life where the core group consisting of 10-15 students including their teacher becomes the vessel from where reality is investigated and acted upon. A manifold of programme elements place the student in the middle of a vibrant reality where the centre pieces of learning many times place the student outside the comfort zone of normal educational perceptions of learning.


Degree in Pedagogy

This 4 year programme is designed to train dynamic professional teachers capable of working in demanding conditions of rural Mozambique and can inspire others to become “Teachers of the Future” able to deliver quality teaching and learning. 

An interesting, innovative module on the programme is the “travel while learning” module, which is a 4-month study tour to Southern African countries.  Through this, students have the opportunity to explore the world, get exposure to cultures and customs, learn about the social and economic conditions of neighbouring countries, practice new languages and conduct research. They also encounter lots of challenges that they overcome, thereby building character and a sense of camaraderie while developing an understanding and respect for diversity: an essential skill fundamental for a future teacher or community development professional.


Degree in Community Development  “Fighting with the Poor”

The Community Development course is a 4-year course designed to train students in the theory and practice of poverty and community development.  Its objective is to produce graduates with the necessary tools to carry out holistic and inclusive community development initiatives in rural communities.  The initiatives can vary from health and education to agricultural productivity and mitigation of the effects of climate change.


Key results 2019:  ISET – One World graduated 57 students, , bringing the total graduates to 889 to date. 

To keep up to date with global developments, ISET- One World delivers training modules in response to questions the world currently grapples with. These include how to address lifelong learning, poverty and environmental protection.  This will solidify its niche in producing a new concept: Another Kind of Teacher and Another Kind of School.
The Distance Learning centre has also expanded its reach in all provinces of Mozambique  via partner schools.

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