Promoting Inclusive Education

This project aims to promote inclusive education in Sofala and  Manica provinces by strengthening the capacities of teachers in inclusive education, establishing a Resource Centre specialized in inclusive education and by strengthening inclusive education in Chimoio, through cooperation between the Teacher Training Colleges in Chimoio and Nhamatanda.

Inclusive education widely regarded as one of the most effective means of achieving education for all. The Project Promotion of Inclusive Education in Nhamatanda and Chimoio has made great strides in promoting understanding of the concept of inclusive education and in increasing respect for the rights of people with disabilities.


Key Results 2019: The trainings, the Braille clubs and field trips, benefited trainee teachers and 4 Teacher Trainers with new skills, practices, better attitudes and inspiration for inclusive education and for working with people with disabilities. Some of the new skills were reading in Braille, community-based rehabilitation, the development of didactic materials on disability, as well as how to deliver disability-sensitive pedagogy.

There is still further work to be done, especially due to the impact of cyclone IDAI on The Teacher Training College in 2019, but the project has still been able to contribute to increasing the inclusion of children with disabilities in education by training over 900 primary school teachers, over 40 school directors and more than 50,000 primary school students.

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