Community Schools

ADPP is committed to improving and promoting equitable access to primary and secondary education.  ADPP runs two primary schools for vulnerable children, the “Ants of the Future” school in Chimoio, Manica province, and the “Children’s Town” in Maputo City. Both schools provide education and shelter for orphans and vulnerable children.

ADPP believes that important life skills are learnt beyond the school curriculum. As a result, in addition to the national primary school curriculum (grades 1-7), the schools conduct a range of extracurricular activities.  These include drama and arts (dancing, acting, poetry recitals, singing), workshops, brick making and gardening. As well as helping to identify and nurture children’s talents, these extracurricular activities equip these children with several vital life skills such as teamwork, networking, communication, leadership, decision making and problem solving.

ADPP also runs two secondary schools, “No Caminho da Vitória” and “Patrice Lumumba”, in Maputo province. Over 2,000 children and young people attend these four schools annually, some of whom might not have had a chance of going to secondary school.

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