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Since its independence in 1975, the government of Mozambique has treated education as a fundamental right of all citizens and as essential for the reduction of poverty and the development of the country. Despite education rates improving in the last few years, with increased enrolment rates and positive trends in gender equity, universal access to education in Mozambique remains a challenge.

Some of the reasons for Mozambique’s poor Human Development Index (HDI)* ranking is linked to poor access to education as well as inequalities in years of schooling between girls and boys. Only 14 % of adult women have reached at least a secondary level of education compared to 27.3 % of their male counterparts.

ADPP’s work in the area of education began in 1982, where literacy programmes and vocational training were among some of the very first initiatives implemented. ADPP fully subscribes to the universal principle that education is a human right for all. In promotion of this right, and in partnership with the government, ADPP later expanded its education programme to include training of primary school teachers, investment in higher education, expansion of vocational training centres as well as early childhood interventions, while continuing with literacy programs.

ADPP also engaged in education projects for people with disabilities, with a stronger emphasis on girls, women, orphans and vulnerable children. In this way, ADPP ensures that “no one is left behind” in education.

ADPP’s educational programmes seek to inspire and complement public education programmes and work with national government agencies towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 – “Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education” and lifelong learning.

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