Sustainable energy for all in Mozambique

The majority of farmers in Mozambique depend on climate-sensitive farming which is mainly raid-fed for their food security and income. Through the adoption of renewable energy technologies, participating farmers were enabled to enhance their productivity and resilience to effects of climate change. The project targeted already productive farmers in active Farmers’ Clubs projects in Sofala and Zambezia provinces and the Producers’ Clubs in Tete province – all  implemented by ADPP.

The project was implemented from July 2018 to June 2019.  A total of 80 solar powered water pumping systems with different sizes and capacity were installed and 4.000 small scale farmers are today benefitting from these irrigation systems, either in their demonstration fields or in smaller groupings with a total of 31 ha of land under irrigation.

ADPP farming instructors also trained farmers in the maintenance of the systems and in all areas, where systems were not devastated by the cyclone Idai, farmers have started paying quota for the use of such irrigations systems,  to secure funds for the maintenance costs.

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