One Impact Project Supervisors trained in Human Rights

One impact

Supervisors of the One Impact project, implemented by ADPP Mozambique in Gaza province and financed by the Stop TB Partnership, participated on 21 and 22 December in a capacity building on Human Rights issues under the “Right to Health in Patients with Tuberculosis Program”. The objective of the training is to defend the non violation of the rights of users and/or patients in all Health Units in Gaza province. In addition to the project staff, two monitoring and evaluation officers and an equal number of coordinators were present, and as guests, two supervisors of the TB Gaza project, also implemented by ADPP, and two supervisors of AMIMO (Association of Miners of Mozambique) were also present.

The training was conducted by two NAMATI facilitators over a period of two days in Xai-Xai city. The training package included several modules, namely Health and Human Rights, Gender Based Violence (GBV); Documentation and Mechanisms for Complaints Resolution, the Charter of Rights and Duties of the User; the Law of Protection of People Living with HIV / AIDS and HIV Protocol; Rights and Duties of the Patient Affected by Tuberculosis (TB); the Role of Health and Congestion and Humanization Committees and Practical Guidelines for Action.

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