Nhamatanda Farmers’ Club closes with positive results


Nhamatanda Farmers Club project ended last January 30th after three years and eight months of duration (2015-2019), benefiting a total of 2,250 farmers distributed into 45 farmers’ clubs. The project was implemented by ADPP with the financial support of the European Union.

The closing ceremony was directed by His Excellency, the Administrator of Nhamatanda district, Tomé José, and was attended by ADPP representatives, Partners, members of the local government, project technicians and representatives of the 45 associations from the localities of Metuchira, Nhampoca, Tica and Lamego.

In his speech, the District Administrator called on the associations to be sustainable in their activities taking into account the efforts already undertaken by the project. He also drew attention to the farmers who must put into practice the lessons learned from the project, making good use of irrigation systems, continue with the agribusiness and challenged them to produce enough vegetables with a main focus on tomatoes in all seasons in order to expand their production base and consequently their target markets.

Lastly, and in recognition, the Honorable Administrator thanked ADPP for the implementation of the project and showed the availability of the district to receive the same project in other locations.

In turn, representatives of farmers’ clubs expressed their satisfaction with the project’s achievements and the impact it had on their lives, thus highlighting lessons learned about good agricultural practices, the construction of irrigation systems, mills, warehouses, training on agribusiness, animal husbandry, among others.

The Farmers’ Clubs aimed to increase the income of small scale producers, by promoting the value chain of selected products and developing agro-business skills among small scale farmers, with focus on empowering women and including the most vulnerable people.

At the ceremony, representatives of the Farmers’ Clubs received certificates issued by the project and the best producers were awarded and handed out the community DUATs for installed assets.

In his speech, the Project Leader, Abdulahi Chabane, released the main results of the project, referring to the support offered to stimulate greater productivity. This support includes 45 wells and rope pumps, 34 irrigation systems, of which 28 with solar panels with the capacity to irrigate 0.25 hectares and six with the capacity to irrigate 1 hectare each. Thus, about 70% of the associations have an irrigation system with solar energy to guarantee production throughout the year and 238 improved granaries. Consequently, there was an increase in productivity in the order of 50% yield / ha due to improved techniques and the selling price in the market.

A statistical analysis shows, for example, that a farmer who previously produced 390kg / ha of sesame, currently produces an average of 750kg / ha. A farmer who used to produce 1100kg / ha of rice, currently produces an average of 3500kg / ha.

It should be noted that the project was initially planned to last for only three years, but with the devastation of crop fields by Cyclone Idai, there was a need for an extension for another eight months to help clubs recover and rebuild their agricultural fields.

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