Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) currently account for 28% of all deaths in Mozambique. Risk factors such as tobacco, alcohol, and poor and unhealthy diets are prevalent in urban and rural settings. Diseases such as hypertension and diabetes affect large proportions of the population, but people are often unaware of their condition or are poorly informed. The National Strategic Plan for the prevention and control of NCDs in Mozambique aims to create a positive environment to minimize or eliminate exposure to risk factors and guarantee access to care. ADPP is still implementing direct activities related to the care and control of NCDs so far, but fully aware of the consequences of serious health problems that spread rapidly in the Mozambican community as a consequence of various lifestyle changes. Our work in the care and control of NCDs is delivered through our interventions in schools, teacher groups, community networks, projects and health partners, thus reaching millions of people in the country.